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Bagged Ice Melt Products

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Bulk Ice Melt
Bulk Sand & Salt Blends
Bagged Ice Melt Products
Snow Removal & Spreader Service


Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 6:30am - 4:30pm
Sat 6:30am - 12pm
(April -November)


Bulk Picked Up (F.O.B.)

Will Melt Treated Salt - By Ton $130.00 Ton
Will Melt Treated Salt - By Yard $195.00 Yard
Salt $145.00 Yard
50/50 Sand/Salt Mix $86.00 Yard
80/20 Sand/Salt Mix $55.00 Yard
Concrete Sand $26.00 Yard
Salt 75% / Sand 25% Mix $117.00 Yard
Packaged Picked Up
Magic Salt (49 per PLT) $11.00 50# Bag
Super MG Magnesium Pellet (49 per PLT) $19.30 50# Bag
Pro Ice Melt Eco-Friendly (49 per PLT) $12.50 50# Bag
Calcium Chloride (40 per PLT) $19.30 50# Bag
Urea (50 per PLT) $39.50 50# Bag
Please call us for scheduling and pricing information. Delivery available. Prices subject to change without notice
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